Physical Therapy

Our approach includes a wide variety of manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and modalities to address many conditions. We provide evidence based service for post-operative patients, various injuries, chronic pain, poor posture, balance deficits and many other physical conditions affecting quality of life.

Many insurances are accepted! please consult with us about your specific plan. Cash rate available upon request.
Soft Tissue

Targeted soft tissue treatment utilizing a variety of manual techniques to ease muscle tension, pain, and soft tissue dysfunction in/around a “treatment zone”.


Utilizing a variety techniques with minimal gauge needles to penetrate soft tissue, targeting symptomatic muscles, connective tissue, and bone tissue. Symptom relief occurs with mechanically disrupting muscle spasms, breaking down adhesions, and creating localized blood flow.


Manual techniques to improve/restore normal joint mobility including most joints in extremities as well as along the spine. Performed in various grades depending on dysfunction based on findings by the physical therapist. Joint pain and/or stiffness may be the result of poor mechanics and can corrected in many cases with joint mobilization.


We use a combination of progressive resistance training to address areas of weakness and functional exercises to replicate activities of daily living and sport. So often, simple corrections to movement mechanics significantly reduces the primary contributors to pain and symptoms. Improving posture is critical for alleviating spinal pain but often times can be the key to addressing joint dysfunction as well. Our postural training program focuses on strength, endurance, and mobility to ease the body into optimal positioning.


Our facility is home to a state of the art spinal traction unit which is a tool to decompress and rejuvenate both the disc and articular joints of the spine. Many patients experience immediate radicular relief by alleviating contact pressure on the nerve root with this device. When used in conjunction with a comprehensive plan of care including both postural exercise and manual therapy, many patients can avoid surgery and return to living a pain free life.

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